Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jack be Nimble

"I've got a theory about women," said Allan.

"Do tell," said Reg.

"All women hate me," said Allan. He lit a smoke. "They've made some sort of pact."

"You idiot."


"That's not a theory," said Reg. "That's a hypothesis."

"You're red hot, you are."


"I'm pouring my heart out here," said Allan, "and you pick on my grammar."

"It's not your grammar what's wrong; it's your choice of words."

"You never give, do you?"

"I consider myself to be most generous," said Reg, "but, if I'm right and you're wrong, I will not budge."

"Forget women; I need a theory about you."

"You mean a hypothesis?"

"You need to loosen up. You need to be kinder, and a bit more flexible; not so quick to jump on people."

"Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jump over the candlestick."

"You are certifiably insane."

"That's a theory."

This story was written with the inspiration of Three Word Wednesday Issue CXCII. The words are: budge, nimble and theory.


Trick83 said...

I like it. Good, restrained imagery and vivid text.

ThomG said...

you've do a wonderful job here with the words, they flow so easily in this. Great back-and-forth. Wonderful read.

gautami tripathy said...

Wonderful dialogues. I loved the pace!

Motivational speaking is a hogwash

Erin Cole said...

Excellent dialogue and that ping-pong quality.

one more believer said...

dialogue and pace are dynamite..i had to laugh out loud with theory and hypothesis...

Bernard S. Jansen said...

Thanks all for your kind comments on this little scene.