Monday, June 14, 2010

It's Got to That Stage

The two old ladies carried their coffees to the only table in the crowded airport café with spare seats. A young man was already at the table, hammering away at the keys to his laptop computer, drinking a beer. He tried to ignore them.

One of the ladies was clearly younger than the other, and plumper. She said, "I've got a perfectly good computer at home, but I don't use it."

The older, skinny lady said, "I'll have to get lessons, to use mine."

"It's only just for emailing all my children."

"I've got a perfectly good computer, but I don't need all the other jazz. I can't be bothered; too many other things on my mind."

The younger lady nodded. "Too much else to do."

"I'm going down to…," said the older lady, then hesitated.


"Yes, Urangan. My youngest daughter is there, and all her little ones."

The plumper lady looked at the lunch board. "They have special lunches for seven dollars ninety."

"That's good. Sophie has a little boy at school there. I don't think Felix has started school yet."

"Do you know what street she's in?" asked the younger lady, still eying the menu.

The older lady reached down for her purse.

"No, no, don't get it."

"I've no idea," said the older lady, going through the purse.

"Don't worry. I just wondered if she lived near me."

"I stay with my son and his wife. I have so much fun with my great-grandchildren." She continued looking through the purse.

The younger lady admitted, "I don't have any greats yet. Just grandchildren."

"I've got six grand and six great," said the older lady. She was distracted now. "I haven't got her address. I know its Urangan."

"Please, don't worry."

"I thought I had it." She continued looking through her purse for a few moments, then put it away.

The plump lady said, "It might be one of the new estates."

"No, they bought a two-storey house."

"Townhouse. They're popping up everywhere."

"No, I don't think it's new."

The younger lady said, "My son in law runs the sky diving place."

"There used to be a young chap in the unit next to me. His daughter used to sky-dive. He was working for this flying school attached to the air port. It was a tiny little airport."

"Is Melbourne home for you?"

"Ah," said the older lady. She paused, and groaned. "I live there, yes"

"What part of Melbourne are you in?"


"My daughter is in Hillside."

"Oh yes?" said the older lady.

"That's not far from Albion. She's a manager at Coles there."

"Oh, I don’t go to Coles, as it is. I go to Safeway."

"I go to Woolies. Which is Safeway up here."

The older lady didn't respond, so the younger one added. "It's got to that stage, I only see her once a year."

"Well, I haven't seen Sofie and the children since Easter."


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