Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SlushPile Hell

I just discovered SlushPile Hell today. It's about: One grumpy literary agent, a sea of query fails, and other publishing nonsense.

Most of the posts consist of a brief quote from a query letter, and an even briefer one-liner from the grumpy agent. Reading through the site, I almost wet myself laughing a couple of times. My kidneys are still sore.


Erin Cole said...

Oh, man. That's good stuff! We forget how the other end looks. At least I know now my rejections haven't been due to my being a complete idiot!
Onward, forward.

Laurita said...

That's it. My day is gone. :)
Thanks for the link, but you might have to explain to my husband why I didn't do any work today.

Lloyd said...

I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd

Milo James Fowler said...

Grumpy Agent is da bomb! Hilarious responses.

Bernard S. Jansen said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it. It's interesting that because the posts are short and sharp (and funny), you actually spend more time reading them. A lesson for us all.