Monday, March 29, 2010

Legend in His Own Lunchbox

After a break, I have started writing for Shift Miner Magazine again. My latest contribution appears on page 19 of Issue 83, and is called Legend in His Own Lunchbox.

I wrote this story in response to a challenge from Tristan, who wrote:
Bernard, this question has been asked of me in the past and my answer has never been an easy decision. Try using it as a challenge for a story:

"Do you want to be a big part of something small, or a small part of something big?"
I hope that my story is up to the challenge. This story is also less technical in nature than some of the previous ones; I hope that those of you not in the mining industry can enjoy it.

Your comments are appreciated. Unless you're posting spam links; in which case please go away.

Update: The full text of this story is posted here.


Anonymous said...
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Matt Rosinski said...

Bernard - can you post the text to your blog please - I find the link difficult to read...

Bernard S. Jansen said...

Matt, I've posted the story here.