Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give me a challenge!

I want you to present me with your short story writing challenge! Your challenge will be my inspiration and stimulus to imagine and to write; and of course, to entertain. A bit like Mister Squiggle, really.

Your challenge can be one or a couple of words, a theme, a brief character description, a picture: anything, really.. The constraints for your challenge are:

  1. No copyrighted or offensive material.

  2. Not too much: don't write the story for me. One word can be plenty.

  3. Be creative and have fun.

  4. By challenging me, you recognise that I retain full ownership of any material that I write in response to that challenge. If this doesn't feel fair to you, don't challenge me.

I will respond to challenges as follows:

  1. I reserve the right to not take up challenges for any reason.

  2. I will try to send an email back to you letting you know whether or not I intend to take up the challenge.

  3. I can't guarantee how quickly I'll respond to the challenge. This is a surge bin after all!

  4. When I post my response to each challenge, I'll include the details of the challenge, and acknowledge the challenger. Please let me know what name, if any, you'd like me to acknowledge. Also include anything else you'd like to see with your name, including where you're from, what you do, or a link back to your own website.

Simply e-mail your challenge to me (Bernard) at


Trick83 said...

Bernard, this question has been asked of me in the past and my answer has never been an easy decision. Try using it as a challenge for a story:

"Do you want to be a big part of something small, or a small part of something big?"

Bernard S. Jansen said...

Thanks for the challenge, Trick83. I like it. I'm writing a story now, based on this, for the next edition of Shift Miner Magazine. I'll post the story to this blog once the paper has come out, which should be Monday 29 March. Thanks again.