Monday, July 27, 2009

Jill's Answer

Jill was soon lulled into a semi-hypnotic stupor by his voice, which droned on like a twin engined propellor aircraft, loud and constant. The subtle variations in volume - up and down, up and down - created an underlying beat to the drone that throbbed every few seconds.

It was the long, heavy silence that broke the spell. He was looking at her, expecting an answer, waiting. She looked at him, lost, then looked at Bill - her mind racing - but Bill's look of eager expectation was even more intense, and even less helpful.

Jill could only think of one response that might be expected of her right now, so she plunged ahead and said, in the loudest voice she could manage, "I do!"

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Bernard said...

I was recently in a room with someone whose voice was like this.

This is a piece of flash fiction in "six sentences" (6s), as per the popular blog I've really taken to trying to write 6s fiction lately. I've submitted a story to the 6s blog and am waiting for a response.