Monday, November 2, 2009

You Miners Get Paid Too Much

My latest contribution to the Shift Miner Magazine is "You Miners Get Paid Too Much". I reckon that'll get people's attention. It appears under the "5 minute fiction" heading on page 21 of edition 74, downloadable as pdf for the next two weeks at the Shift Miner Magazine website.

The purpose of "5 minute fiction" is to publish flash fiction stories that appeal to coal miners working on shift in Queensland. This is my second story to appear since Alex Graham, the editor of Shift Miner Magazine (SMM), agreed to trial this new column.

I'm keen to hear what people think, especially the men and women working in the industry that have stumbled across my stories in SMM. What did you like? What didn't you like? What issues, themes and situations would you like to hear about in future "5 minute fiction" stories.


Shane from Emerald said...

Saw the story in Shift Miner. A good point made very well. You might have a new career on your hands! Keep up the good work.

Bernard S. Jansen said...

Thanks Shane for your support and your comments. I'd very much like to have a new career on my hands; but, for now, I won't quit my day job!

I'd like to encourage you (and everyone else) to make more comments on this blog, and rate the stories too. It provides good feedback for me, and makes the reading process more interactive for everyone.