Monday, November 16, 2009

Farewell Gift [Part 4 of 5]

Welcome to "Farewell Gift", a 2,500 short story I wrote earlier this year. I've decided to present it to you here on Surge Bin in five parts. Why not start with part 1, and work your way through? Enjoy!


On Wednesday, they went to the Queen Street Mall and found a classy Prada suitcase that met their requirements perfectly.

Laura spent the rest of the day removing stitching and carefully packing the drugs into the walls of the case. She painstakingly resewed the linings closed.

When Marcelle came around to her apartment, she was impressed.

"Wow Laura, that's amazing!" she said, running her hands over the case, inside and out. She examined the stitching closely. "You can't tell that it's not just a brand new suitcase. It's perfect."

As they admired the farewell gift, Marcelle imagined the look on Gary's face when he saw the hidden contents, and laughed.

"This will be perfect, Laura. Thank you so much."

Laura smiled wearily. "That's okay, Sweetie. It was harder work than my paid job, though – which I'd better get back to tomorrow. The rest is up to you."

(To be continued...)

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