Wednesday, August 12, 2009

SD Harvey Short Story Shortlist

The SD Harvey Short Story award (part of the Ned Kelly Awards of the Crime Writers Association of Australia) short list has been announced:

  • Fidget's Farewell, Scott McDermott
  • Farewell My Lovelies, Chris Womersley
  • Fern's Farwell, Bronwyn Mehan
  • Farewell to the shade, Cheryl Rogers
You will notice two things here:
  1. Each story has "farewell" in the title. This was a requirement of entry. The word "farewell" had to be included in the title, and be reflected in the story. Each year will be a different word.

  2. I'm not on the shortlist. This is not for want of entering: My entry was called "Farewell Gift". I won't be posting it to surgebin because:

    1. It's a bit long; and

    2. I want to tweak it and then resubmit it to more open short story competitions.

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