Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[3WW] Tip Velocity

Three Word Wednesday (3WW) CLVI words are: eclipse, languish and velocity. Here is my effort, called "Tip Velocity"

David wants to be a published author, in every corner of his soul. Not just a published author, but popular, respected and honoured. Everyone agree these are lofty goals, considering David failed Junior English and mows lawns for a living. For now, however; he continues to languish in obscurity. His only "published" works are those he posts to his online blog, which even his friends and family read only occasionally, and reluctantly.

David's desire to write is such that it can eclipse every other aspect of his life. This helps him get through each day, because mowing lawns can get boring after the first two minutes. While pushing the mower along, he dreams of characters, plots, crises and resolutions.

While pulling the lawnmower back from the edge of Mrs Smyth's garden, he runs over his left foot. It doesn't hurt as much as it should, and it really should hurt a lot with all that blood, he thinks. Mrs Smyth faints when she see's the blood, so he hobbles next door to call for two ambulances.

While David lies in his hospital bed, his friend Allan, an engineer, tells him that the tip velocity of a lawnmower blade is approximately 650 kilometres per hour.

"Thanks for that," says David. "Hey, did you read my blog yesterday?"

"Sorry," says Allan, as he checks his watch and stands up to go, "I didn't."


gautami tripathy said...

It kind of made a lot of sense. My poetry for me is at the exclusion of everything else. Even when I dislocated my right elbow, I was thinking of writing poetry. In the midst of all the pain..

Welcome to 3WW!

let my poemlette take you on

ThomG said...

Welcome to 3WW. I liked the feel of this, the obscurity David feels even when a visitor admits he hasn't read his work. It's a funny thing, being a writer.

Tumblewords: said...

It seems to get us all, sooner or later! :) Nice write!

asleeponmyfeet said...

I stopped asking friends and family to give me their opinions. Somehow they can't be honest with me, as if they're afraid of hurting my feelings. How does that help me grow and improve?
But then, I'm okay with being obscure anyway. And I would probably notice if I ran over my foot with a lawnmower...
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